BEI can work as Engineering consultant, from the concept selection to the detailed engineering phase, in all the engineering fields related to the plant design (process, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, HSE). BEI typical scope of engineering/activities consists in (but is not limited to) the following summarized items:

General Design & Activities

  • Feasibility studies, including technology selection analysis, feasibility documentation and schematics and budget cost/investment estimation
  • Basic and FEED design (for main process facilities and utilities), including the definition of the basic process and engineering design parameters and configurations, H&M balances, development of the PFD’s and P&ID’s, process and preliminary mechanical/electrical/instrumentation datasheets/specifications/sketches, preliminary utility consumption estimation, operating/control/safeguarding philosophies, C&E matrixes, basic material selection criteria and diagrams, general and area/package arrangements/layouts, control/safeguarding system documentation (architecture, preliminary I/O list, preliminary schematics/diagrams for DCS/ESD/HIPPS/LCP systems as required by the project), any other needed discipline drawing/diagram, HAZOP analysis and report, other HSE documentation (e.g. preliminary area classification analysis and diagrams, flare system design documents, etc.), preliminary material take-off’s,  CAPEX and OPEX cost estimation, development of equipment and/or EPC tendering packages and general technical assistance to technical appraisal and clarification during the tendering stage.
  • Detailed design (for main process and utilities), which includes the development up to detail level of the documentation produced with the basic/FEED, plus, all the remaining needed documentation for the manufacturing, erection, commissioning, start-up and operation of the plant facilities, such as: detailed material take-off’s, piping isometric drawings, discipline (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation) detailed drawings, mechanical calculation (e.g. according to ASME), stress analysis, interconnecting and wiring diagrams/schematics, detailed logic diagrams and graphic/software implementation documentation for control and safeguarding systems, instrumentation SIL analysis, operating and maintenance manuals, engineering data books, etc.

Typical plants designed and supplied by B.E.I. in the technical oil & gas field are:

  • 2-phase and 3-phase production and trim separation
  • Condensate stabilization
  • Gas dehydratation (with tri-ethylen glycol or molecular sieve)
  • Gas sweetening (with amines, molecular sieves or membranes)
  • HC dewpoint control (Hydrate control)
  • LNG units
  • Vis-breaking
  • Emulsion-treating
  • Desalting
  • Water injection
  • Gas life/injection
  • Gas compression
  • Gas/Oil transferring
  • Fiscal metering
  • Water treatment

Site Services
As engineering consultant, BEI has the possibility provide site services aimed to the assistance during the erection, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and plant performance test phase. We deem this kind of services very important for the minimizing of possible site problem and guaranteeing the best plant manufacturing/erection quality, performance and reliability after handover to operation staff.
The people who is in charge of assisting our clients at site are extremely skilled and experienced, with very high professional profile and used to this kind of activities.