Bellelli Engineering International SA, in cooperation with Bellelli Engineering Spa, has a wide experience in petrochemical and refinery plants. Starting from the concepts, the PFDs, balances and process requirements established by the licensor of the refining process, our team can start producing the detailed design of the reactors, of the boilers, of the heat exchangers, of the different type of columns, etc.
Moreover, as added value of BEI staff, we have the capability and the experience to design systems “On skid bases” for Refinery pants also.
We have the know-how and capability to produce the P&IDs detailed definition, the definition of the Lay-Out with 3D modeling, the stress analysis, the process flow simulation using Hysys, ProII or other equivalent tools and the definition of all items to be purchased and installed.
As last, but not least, Bellelli Engineering International has the know-how to design, starting from the concept, of all major ancillary plants like:

  • Hydrogen Generation (Methane/Natural Gas Steam Reformers),
  • Hydrogen Purification Packages (PSA type of Membrane type),
  • Nitrogen Generators (Non-cryogenic, for medium or high purity, and cryogenic, for very high purity and/or for liquid nitrogen production),
  • Gas dehydration with molecular sieves,
  • Water Refrigeration packages,
  • Gas Refrigeration Packages,
  • Tank Farms.

Specific capabilities include:

  • PROCESS ENGINEERING: Feasibility Studies-Optimization Studies-Process Simulation-Process Design-Cost estimating-Process Validation.
  • PROJECT ENGINEERING:Mechanical Engineering-Finite element analisys-Civil/Structurtal engineering-Electrical engineering-Rotating Equipment sizing&selection-Process Equipment sizing, selection and detailed design-Instrumentation and plant control-Piping design-Pressure vessel design-Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulation/design.
  • ON SITE SERVICES:Plant Commissioning, Plant start-up- Operator Training- Trouble-shooting.

For further details on OIL&GAS Engineering see Oil & Gas page.